Meet the crew

Northern soda company was Formed in 2018 by a group of twin cities educators, who are passionate about:

  • Creating remarkable craft sodas that remind customers of soda the way it used to be

  • Serving our customers and our community

  • Relentlessly chasing soda pop perfection

  • Creating an absolutely fun, positive place for families to hang out

Davod Zarghami

Davod is northern soda’s sales and business operations pro.

You will see him out and about—running soda all over the state of Mn. You’ll also see him (often working with his wife, Tanya) introducing customers to Northern soda at local events and festivals.

Davod has vast experience in sales and customer service and is passionate about providing customers with exemplary service through building strong relationships.

“Our customers definitely know they can count on us. We’re always going to go the extra mile to make sure they get the soda they want—when they need it.”

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Jesse Hopkins

Jesse has over 10 years experience hand-crafting soda and is responsible for mixing, carbonating, and canning all of northern’s sodas.

He is passionate about re-creating soda flavors similar to those he drank as a kid, when his mom would bring home a mixed 6 pack of soda and he got to pick one per week. He saved his for Sunday to enjoy while watching football.

He owned a craft soda company but he sold it and regretted immediately.

“There’s something so great about watching families stop by our store to mix and match sodas. Its smiles and excitement reminds me of being a kid—and I’m very grateful to be part of it!”

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